C1AR | 1000 KG

Industrial Chip Ice machine

C1AR | 1000 KG Ice Systems Chip Ice Machine photo 1


C1AR | 1000 KG

Compact Chip Ice Machine producing 1000KG of sub-cooled chip ice per 24 running hours.

Chip Ice Temperature -1°C


Produces 40kg sub-cooled chip ice per running hour
1,325 x 1,050 x 930 (mm)
Water Temp
5 - 38°C
Plug & Play
Plug & play as standard
HMI Control Panel
HMI control panel available
Bin sensor
Optional support frame, each with level sensor and bin sensor
Filter System
Big blue water filter system
Dimensions inc weight
300kg net weight

Other capacities per 24 hours are available

Operational Requirements Minimum Maximum
Air Temperature 2°C 43°C
Water Temperature 5°C 38°C
Water Pressure 1 bar 3.5 bar
Production per 24h: 1000 KG
Electrical Supply: 415V 3PH+N+E
Electric Wiring: 5 cores 2.5 mm2
Current Rating: 12 A
Circuit Breaker: 16 A
Sizes (W-D-H) In mm*: 1,325 x 1,050 x 930
Net Weight: 300 KG