Industrial Ice Machines for Shellfish



Industrial ice machines can be a valuable addition to any business in the shellfish sector. Whether it’s to maintain the temperature of fish following a catch or to be used for a consumer display, ice machines are the perfect way to safely and quickly cool, store and distribute your fresh produce.

Flake or chip ice? We are often asked which type of ice machine is best for use within the fish sector. From our experience, there are many questions that need to be asked, but personal preference or previous experience often makes the final decision.

For further information or queries about the best chip or flake ice machine for your business, simply give us a call or fill in our enquiry form. We are always happy to visit your site to discuss your project needs before you go ahead with your purchase. We can also deliver and set up one of our ice machine demonstration units for you to trial.

If it’s a short term solution you require, why not check out our ice machine rental? This can be a great, cost-effective way to trial and test out your options before you consider buying.

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  • Flake ice is sub-cooled when produced at -7°C whilst chip ice is produced at -1°C.
  • Flake ice is dry to the touch, allowing each flake to remain separate without clumping. It can also be stored at low temperatures without degrading.
  • Chip ice is wet to the touch and releases its energy slowly as it melts equally between products.
  • 24/7 service and support is available when required via text/telephone/video call/site visits – if you are under guarantee or one of our service contracts, an Ice Systems engineer will be on site within 24 hours of a phone call being made, Monday to Friday.
  • The freedom to buy OR hire from Ice Systems Ltd.
  • We supply a comprehensive product range, with 25 – 625kg per running hour capacity.
  • Fast delivery available on most machines within our range. Ice Systems will lend you a similar unit whilst your machine is being built to spec.